Paul Hanlon 6

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I Teach: Ski - Alpine
Home Mountain: Rusutsu (Rusutsu, JP)
Years Teaching:9.2
Years at Rusutsu:9.2
Certifications: CSIA II & SAJ 1
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Since my first ski trip, at the age of 10 I have made it my life goal to ski as much as possible. I love to ski and spend time outdoors, especially in the mountains. After graduating university, I decided to move to Hokkaido, one of the snowiest places on earth. For the past 5 years I have been teaching skiing at Rusutsu Resort and enjoying lots of delicious sushi. Teaching skiing is one of my biggest passions and I enjoy nothing more than seeing my clients succeed in reaching their goals while enjoying their experience. I try hard to make all my lessons as fun as possible, as I think fun is crucial to all successful lessons. As a big kid at heart, I especially enjoy teaching kids and helping them develop a love of the sport while making progress. I hope to welcome you to Rusutsu Resort in the near future and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Shao None Advanced in (10 months ago)
Paul's affability, experience and patience make him an exceptional instructor and second to none. His style encourages you to push yourself just the right amount to improve whilst still enjoying yourself (and limiting the number of times you bum/faceplant!) I would highly recommend taking some lessons with him if you can!

Henry Woo Advanced in (11 months ago)
i first went to Rusutsu about 3 years ago as a beginner. It was an early December where the snow was not that nice, but our instructor Paul came to me and said, 'no worry, it will still be fun'. I doubt it at the start, but by the end of the day, i then realised he means every word he said because he not only taught me how to ski on icy surface, but also taught me lots of skills and tricks which improved my ski significantly. Its important the instructor can teach with patience, knowledge and a smile on his face, which i would say Paul is absolutely brilliant. He is easily the best coach i've ever had and a real smashing guy! He makes my ski trip real enjoyable. Thumbs up!

Alistair Griffin Intermediate in (11 months ago)
Paul is extremely patient and very perceptive as an instructor, quickly figuring out your strengths and weaknesses as a skier and therefore making the most out of each lesson. And all that with a great sense of humour - very important when trying to herd me, my wife and two kids down the mountain! We all felt we made real progress and are much more confident on the harder runs thanks to him.

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